Opened Exhaust for – $25

When it comes to opening up your exhaust or having a better sounding Harley there are a lot of options.  It seems most people go for the Vanc & Hines pipes which look good and sound great.  But for me, I like the stock looking exhaust and don’t want to be just like everyone els.  (If you want black exhaust, consider the wrap kit with stock pipes.)

So I took the stock exhaust and just opened them up by removing the baffles (or I should say drilling out the baffle caps).
If you take a flashlight and look up inside the stock exhaust you will see what seems to be a sealed off exhaust.  About 8″ in are plates that are really screaming to be opened up.

There are a lot of opinions out there about doing this mod.  Most of what you will hear is “you will lose back pressure”.   Which could be true.   However once I did this mod, I didn’t notice anything except pure happiness.  She sounded WAY better (like a Harley) and seemed to have more power – like she finally woke up.  In fact, if you do the other mods I’m posting on here, it will make up the difference if you really think you lost any back pressure.

Let’s get started.  Firs, you’re going to need a drill, 1ft drill extension, a 1in hole bit and about 1min of your time.

Just put the drill up inside the exhaust and start drilling.  I found that slow speed with more pressure is faster.  You will be drilling through 3mm metal, so it’s not much.   Once both pipes are drilled, turn on the bike and hear your new baby sing.  The pieces you drilled will fly out.

Here is a 3-part video in case you wanted a visual.  You don’t have to remove the pipes as he did, but this is basically what the end result is.

Now she sounds and runs great!  Also, having cars hear you is safer as far as I’m concerned.

If for whatever reason you don’t like the fact that you “lost pressure” or you’d like a different sound, consider the Cycle Shack exhaust.  Best bang for the buck for aftermarket exhaust on the sportster.

So you have nothing to lose by trying the baffle trick first.  Especially if you already have the extension and hole bit. I for one don’t see myself upgrading past these stock/drilled pipes.


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