Intake on the cheap

My goal is to do mods that are cheap and also look stock for my 48. I was looking the at the screaming eagle intake but they want close to $300 for a K&N without an airbox. No thanks.

I just ordered a K&N filter for about $45 on amazon. Then removed the stock airbox. It breaths SO much better. And really, your not going to gain much with spending an extra $200. sorry.  The screaming eagle breather will have more surface area and I’m sure that would help if your sportster had some major upgrades to it where it really needed more air to compensate for a beefier CAM or head work, but not for basic mods.

Noticing that the airbox on the sportsters is what secures your filter to the bike, I did have to make one modification.  Without using some sort of plate that sits between using the stock gaskets (otherwise the whole air cleaner vibrates way too much – which I tried).

So lets get started.  Not much as far as taking things apart.   Once you get the airbox out, the back large plastic piece and rubber ring are the main things we are going to remove.
Watch and remember where to two gaskets go.

We take the plastic box and make our bracket we need from the scrap.  As you can see here, the initial cut using a dremel doesn’t have to be pretty.

Next we take our new braket and smooth her out (for cosmetic reasons).  I used a table grinder but you can use a file too.  Place your two gaskets where they go.


Start putting things back together.


If you like that hard/basic look you can stop here and just have this hanging out in the air.  Again, I like the stock look of the black cover so I put it back on.


You will be able to hear the intake – this is normal.  Not a big deal, but when you listen for it, it is there.

*Total invested for a free-flowing K&N $45.00
*Should work on any recent Harley Sportsters 

If you don’t like the look of this setup and still want something on the cheap, have a look at Mreeds mod!



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