Front Fender Delete

The front fender does have a purpose in it’s life, it protects the bike and you from debris and water.  After talking to many that have removed the front fender however, I find (and now know) the only real complaint is that of water if it’s raining hard.  Which is true. Keep this in mind when removing it!  If you don’t care about the water issue, then in my opinion removing the front fender looks aesthetically better.

The process is very simple and quick.

Get your 6mm allen wrench out.
We need to remove the fork bracket with the 4 bolts first.  These bolts are pretty tight, but they will ‘pop’ loose.  Careful not to scratch your ride!

Once the bracket is removed, turn it over and you will see 4 smaller T-25 bolts.
Remove these bolts.

That was easy. Now just put the lower fork bracket back on.  Some where asking about just leaving it off, but the answers they get are it will make your steering pretty miserable.

Tighten them down good.  I’m told it’s a 18-25lb torque. I just guessed and it’s fine.

There, the fat tire on the 48 screams “check me out”!


2 thoughts on “Front Fender Delete

  1. I have not removed my fender, but when I got it in 2010 I lowered the indicator lamps as you did – using a grinder, it took a minute to make both notches. I also added passing lamps giving it a bigger bike look on the front end. (We got lots of deer in West Virginia in the road – I wanna see what’s in front of me – so I run them passing lamps at night). Your’s looks nice!

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