Just a dude and his sportster.  Mods and blog about owning one of the best bikes in existence.

7 thoughts on “About

  1. so when you say “your going to be able to hear the intake”

    its the same sound that a sreaming eagle air breather makes right? idk if you have ever heard one lol

    but just that lil gasp of air when you hit the throttle?

  2. When does your gas piggy turn on? Mine turns on around 26 to 30 it’s getting annoying everyone seems to get fifty or sixty wat about you?

  3. You gonna move the speedo at all? Thinking about that being one of my first mods besides adding white walls. I figure I can sell the stock on ebay for most of that cost.

  4. Hey dude, did you stop doing mods? Blogs like yours are so helpful to get started doing mods. I got this sweet 48 last year and getting into doing some mods now. I’ll start by following some of your tuts! Thanks for sharing!


    • Jep, what happend to the other mods. Also enjoyed this blog. really helpful all the way in the netherlands! So whats next?

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